Autumn 1921 - Orders

End of Game

A Smyrna to Constantinople
A Constantinople to Bulgaria
F Black Sea S Constantinople to Bulgaria

A Albania to Greece
A Bulgaria S Albania to Greece
Army in Bulgaria disbands
Army in Albania disbands

F Apulia S S Tyrrhenian Sea to Naples
A Silesia S Ukraina to Galicia
A Sevastopol S Rumania
F M.A.O. S Spain
A Kiel holds
F Brest S M.A.O.
F Holland S Picardy to Belgium
F Tyrrhenian Sea to Naples
A Berlin to Munich
A Rumania S Ukraina to Galicia
A Ukraina to Galicia
F Spain (s.c.) S M.A.O.
F English Channel S Picardy to Belgium
F Denmark S Kiel
A Picardy to Belgium
A York to London
Builds unit in Liverpool
Builds unit in Edinburgh

F Greece holds

F Naples to Rome
A Venice to Apulia
A Vienna to Bohemia
A Budapest to Rumania
A Ruhr S Munich to Kiel
A Munich to Kiel
F Portugal to Spain
A Gascony tp Paris
A Serbia S Budapest to Rumania
F North Africa S Western Med. to Tunis
F Western Med. to Tunis
A Burgandy to Belgium
Disbands unit in North Africa