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  • Holiday-ay! - Progress on our group holiday this year.

  • Funny of the Month - The thing that has made me laugh the loudest recently.

  • Almanac of Oddities - where you'll find a collection of the funny haha & funny peculiar that pass my way.

  • Postcard Pinboard - to remind me of the places everyone else has been to!

  • Photo Galleries - pictures of friends, holidays etc. Still under construction.

  • Counterfactual.org is a collective domain site of some friends of mine.

  • Diplomacy page - at last!!! after more than three years real time (21 years game time) of violent struggle the conflict in Europe is finally over. Hurray! People are out in the streets rejoicing as their loved ones can come back home - or at least back to reality. Follow the link to find out how it all panned out ...

  • About me - Just in case you're wondering if I'm the Piers Treacher you know.

  • That's all for now folks!

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