Villamanin and Those Views

The sleepy town of Villamanin. The locals were superb, and really seemed to enjoy it when I attempted to speak Spanish at them.

Big Jim. Oh yes. 6'10" and 24 stone. One of the nicest people I've ever met, though I understand that he's no longer quite so big these days, its just Tall Jim now. To give you idea of scale, the rock hammer he's holding is really very large indeed.

The rest of the pictures are of some of the spectacular views I saw when I went for my day of walking in the hills. If they were in Britain, they would be called mountains.

An attempt at doing a "joiner"

The sun starts to set on this magnificent country, and we were on our way back to Blighty. I had a wonderful time on that holiday, despite playing triple gooseberry. Many thanks to Jim, Ab, Tuna, Karen and the others for giving me some great memories.

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