Cantabrian Mountains 1996

In the summer of 1996 I flew over to northern Spain with Ab and Karen to visit Jim, Tuna and the other rock monsters on their field trip in the Cantabrian mountains. After camping along the coast for a few days, we went south onto the plateau, via some rather colourful driving along narrow passes. The rest of the holiday was spent in the sleepy town of Villamanin, with some excellent local food, cheap booze and entertaining company. I did manage to go walking in the hills one-day, where the views were astonishing and the air quality the purest I've ever breathed. A couple of highlights of the trip were a truly spectacular set of caves and an impromptu swim in a mountain stream. When I have the time and money, the Cantabrians are a region that I fully intend to explore again.

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Camping along the coast

The caves in the mountains

Villamanin and those views

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