The Caves in the Mountains

I'd only ever seen sky that blue before in postcards.

It was scorching hot, and the Land Rover was bumpy and cramped. We spotted a stream down the side of the road that had formed a pool on its meandering course. Everyone jumpe out, ran down to the water and hastily stripped.

Then we were in! The water was so refreshing and floating in it was blissful ... until the calls of "Guess what I've just done?"

Unfortunately, I hadn't had my camera that long and wasn't very good at using it. Of the many pictures I took in the caves only three came out at all visible, and only one really well.

I think this was called the old woman or old witch, where the stalagmites had grown to meet the stalagtites. Amusingly, despite being on holiday with a group of second year geology students, none of them new much about rocks! A common theme with geologists apparently, as the same thing happened in Cos for Jim's stag fortnight.

My only decent photograph. Its hard to describe the size of these caves, they were simply huge. Vast underground caverns that reminded one of Tolkien's Moria, and stunned you with their natural majesty.

Not everyone could handle the pace of a hard days sightseeing.

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